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Galaxy S3 - Contacts Stopped Working 

I've been struggling with my S3 for the past couple days. I have At&T. First it kept dropping my network and costing me in data charges when I was sitting right beside my wireless router. I finally got that issue fixed and now have a new issue.

I cannot add or edit any of my contacts. I'm receiving an error message that says "Contacts have stopped working". In the process of fixing my wifi issue I've factory reset this phone twice in the last 2 days. I've carefully removed the battery and sim card multiple times. I've updated the firmware. I've shut down and restarted multiple times. Yesterday my contacts worked. Today I can't do anything with contacts! I'm getting very frustrated with this phone and AT&T is worthless...they just tell me to factory reset! I really shouldn't have to do that every other freak'n day!

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is this a sim card issue?

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